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Ii) Potential effects of the air pollutants on the human populations: Air pollution impact immensely on the daily lives of the people. The effect of air pollutants on the human population is either on: • Health • Economic Health impact of air pollutants: 3.1 million premature deaths occur worldwide due to air pollution. Air pollution is also responsible for the 3.2% of the global burden of disease (WHO, 2009). Air pollution in developing countries contributes to more than half of the global burden of disease related to it. In Pakistan air pollutants are responsible for a range of adverse health effects like chest & cardiac diseases; decreased lung functions, the effect on nervous system cancer; Premature deaths; reproductive complications and skin conditions. According to World Bank (2006, 2008a) there were 5 million childhood illnesses with 22,600 deaths, 80,000 hospital admissions annually attributable to ambient air pollution in Pakistan. Amongst children under five years of age,…show more content…
Presence of high concentration of CO reduce the intake of oxygen result in the inadequate supply of oxygen to body’s organs & tissue. The high concentration of CO in the air also aggregates heart disease. Usually, the high level of C is lethal however the low exposure cause the mild effect like dizziness, headaches, nausea and fatigue. Vehicle emission is the main source of CO in the air in most of the big cities of Pakistan. The presence PM2.5 in the air is correlated with CO & NO2 Air pollution not only affects the health of the population but also affect people & government economically. Excessive pollution increases the health spending of public & government & also badly impact the property. Spending on the pollution related health issues could be overcome by improving air quality. This could help to reduce the insurance Premier as well as help you increase the profit of insurance (Journalist’s resources,

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