Why Do We Ban Smoking In Public Places Essay

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Have you noticed how much the number of smokers has increased in the past few years? Actually, in every place I go to, I bump intosmokers of different ages. Nowadays, smoking became an obsession to the extent that in non-smoking areas or places, people started going out of the building to smoke. For example, in the university of USJ-Huvelin, where smoking isn’t allowed,more than 50 students stand outside under a 3m2 brick roof during a heavy stormjust to smoke! What a horrifying truth! Think about it for a second. Why is smoking allowed in our society when every single person is aware of its dangers and long-term effects? Shouldn’t the government be imposing more effective laws? In 2013, the Lebanese government took a strict decision about banning smoking in public places. Unfortunately, this health related law was barely respected since smokers couldn’t bare the idea of having a meal without smoking a cigarette. Thus, the ratio of…show more content…
It is a very mysterious phenomenon that the human brain and technology couldn’t resolve yet. As humans, we fear the unknown and try to avoid reaching it. That’s why, while seeking to scare someone from doing something or to grab their attention, people use “DEATH”. In the commercial of “Kun Hady”, the organization notifies people by showing a man who dies in a car accident. Another example is YASA which introduces the number of car accidents per year and the deaths these accidents cause. On every pack of cigarette, there is a large note saying: “Smoking Kills”. This note is to frighten people and to aware them of the bad consequences of smoking. Diseases are as well a cause for people to fear death. For example, when someone has an incurable disease, his/her family and relatives keep on asking for a miracle in order not to lose this person. Death is a complicated subject that one can discuss for hours with no result. It is a one way path that keeps everyone

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