E-Cigarettes In Canad A Marxist Analysis

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E-cigarettes are electronic devices that look like actual cigarettes. The E-cigars claim to be a safer alternative to smoking cigars, with no or low, varying, levels of nicotine, and no tobacco what so ever. This rise in usage of E-cigars has led to several debates, especially upon the issue of its legality in Canada. It is yet to be decided whether E-cigarettes are eligible to be legalized in Canada. Before I explain how Marxist explanation will show why E-Cigarettes may be legalized in Canada, it is important to understand what exactly the Marxist approach is. Under the Marxist approach, it is believed that there are two distinct classes in the society: Bourgeoisie (rulers of the society) and Proletariats (ruled in the society) (SOC216,…show more content…
In the article by Silbey and Ewick (2000), this difference in attitude towards laws, by several people, is depicted. They provide three different interpretations of law held by majority of the people: Before the Law, With the Law and Up Against the Law (Silbey and Ewick 2000). Before the Law basically is that view of law that sees law as being completely justified and fair and no questions are asked against it (Silbey and Ewick 2000). With the law, is where the law is “[…] played as a game” (SOC216, Sept. 30). People like to test the limits of laws and those who do so by knowing the proper consequences and rules are more likely to be the ones to be able to win over the law (SOC216, Sept. 30). Then, there is Against the Law, which basically is the view of law where it is not justified, very unfair and also unpredictable, and therefore people choose to act against it (SOC2106, Sept.30). The issue of E-cigars brings out different views that resonate which each of these three interpretations. One of the comments on Schwartz (2014) article reads, “E-cigarettes should be banned until it can be proven they are safe and have no negative heath effects” (Schwartz 2014). This individual completely agrees with the law regulating E-cigars and believes that the decision made by Health Canada is completely justified. Many believe that it is best to ban E-cigars in Canada because it is making “[…] smoking attractive and confound[ing] the boundary between toxic and less toxic uses” (Savedoff 2014). These people agree with the current law of Canada to illegalize such products that will make smoking more attractive than it already is. One of the comments on Ligaya (2013) article saw the decision made by Health Canada as a selfish one, made in order to

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