Argumentative Essay On Smoking Kills

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Cody Strzyzykowski October 5, 2015 ENC1102; Editorial Essay Professor Robitaille Smoking Kills In today’s society there are many people who both smoke and or vape. The research that has been done has shown us that in a short time period vaping is much healthier than smoking. The big debate though is more about the unknown long term effects, most people that smoke say that they would rather stay with the known dangers instead of the unknown dangers, this is mostly because of the vaping fad looking a lot alike to the cigarette trend when it started to reveal itself slowly but surely and it had already been too late for most people. My personal belief is that vaping is by far a better alternative than smoking for many reasons, if you look into the ingredients in the juice used for vaping there isn’t much room for failure. The small amount of formaldehyde created by the outrageously high wattage of certain vaporizers makes it very hard to be an argument against vaping; with the wide range of carcinogens proven to be in cigarettes it shouldn’t even be an argument that any alternative isn’t worth a try.…show more content…
Although in this experiment they couldn’t make a machine replicate that so they just pushed this machine to much higher limits and forced formaldehyde to be created. This false study is leading people to believe that vaping is unsafe and the people who have done this study should rewrite their experiment including the facts of the unrealistic testing within the document to show the entire truth and not just hide

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