The Pros And Cons Of Smoking In Schools

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At the current time, Evergreen Technical College has a smoking policy that prohibits smoking in their buildings. If anyone is caught smoking in the college buildings, that person would receive a fine by security. The problem however is that the current policies in place are not suited to everyone’s needs. There are some students that attend classes here, who are not smokers, and feel that the policies should be rewritten to suit everyone’s needs. The current policy allows smokers to smoke anywhere outside of the buildings. This can be a problem for those who do not smoke because smokers can stand in pathways leading to the school, which forces a non-smoker to walk by them. As shown in the graph below, the number of people who smoke cigarettes are on the rise and there are some ways that smoking can be implemented on college grounds that would be fair to everyone. One way is to have the college build kiosks either on or near college grounds to allow people to smoke, without giving second-hand smoke to anyone else. A second option would be to implement some form of a cessation program to help smokers quit. A third option might be to allow students to use electronic cigarettes on campus and inside the buildings. The first thing we looked at was a smoking kiosk. A smoking kiosk is a structure that allows people…show more content…
One con would be that the college would have to pay in order to build smoking kiosks for the students and staff to use. The smoking kiosks would also have to be cleaned and maintained by the college as well. The kiosks would also have to be routinely checked to make sure the structure is safe and intact. Even though people would smoke inside the kiosk, anyone walking past the kiosk would still have the potential of getting second hand smoke. This is because smoke can still escape the kiosk and potentially come into contact with

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