Prejudice Compare And Contrast Essay

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A Comparison and Contrast of Prejudice and Discrimination Have you ever thought why some people in Hong Kong call Indians as ‘Ah Cha’ and mainlanders as ‘locust’? There are intercultural differences between Indians, mainlanders and Hong Kong people, we notice these differences and then judge them using our own cultural filter. Without understanding the deeper cultural values behind these differences, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination may be formed. Prejudice and discrimination is an action that treats people unfairly, it is also a part of our everyday life which influences our judgements towards the behavior of individuals. Prejudice and discrimination are quite similar in some ways, people do misinterpret them but they are two different concepts. To comprehend more about it, I will to talk about the similarities and difference in this article. According to Brown (2010), “Prejudice is often defined as a faulty or unjustified negative judgement held about members of a group. It is an attitude, emotion or behavior towards members of a group which directly or indirectly implies some negativity towards that group.” Prejudice is determined to be positive or negative but it is normally used to describe negative prejudgments where individuals are…show more content…
Take ethnic minority students in Hong Kong as an example, as Chinese language is not their mother tongue, they may face difficulties in learning. They might encounter failures through the process of learning and might develop low self-esteem as they think they might not excel as well as local students. As a result, they might feel that they are not as good as their peers and might dislike the learning environment. They might also have difficulties in their daily life as they cannot order food in a restaurant due to language barriers. This will lead them to feel that they have low competence and it will be a difficulty for their personal

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