Alcoholism In Iron Man

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Media, knowingly or not, can have huge effects on societies views. When well-known people get together to fight for their opinions it influences more people than usual. One media that can have a lot of influence over a younger demographic is comic books. They have such a wide variety of characters that are not only popular but can handle out of this world problems. Some of the best comics tackle controversial topics that normal people face every day. Iron Man volume one issue 128, published in 1979, reflects the negative way society sees alcohol addiction and shows how devastating it can be to a life. When this comic was published it was intended for the readers that picked up copies every week. Instead this comic got a lot of attention due to the nature of the subject. Comic books had been known to be goofy and fun in the 60's and 70's, but with the return of serious issues meant the deeper development of characters. In the mid 1970's the…show more content…
One of his most defining moments was his battle with alcohol addiction. The argument painted here is that alcoholism can ruin lives and relationships and turn a person into someone they don't even recognize. Marvel really went above and beyond with this issue. Normally superheroes would fight a super villain trying to take over the earth, but in this comic they set Iron Man against one of the most relatable and challenging foes out there, addiction. It's not unusual for comic companies to put a hero into a hard situation, but no superhero has ever been in a fight with alcohol. This comic gave the audience a beaten and scared Iron Man of which they hadn't seen before. Even though he beat his addiction, there are millions of actual people that have yet to do so. It's an inspiring and convincing way of portraying the idea that no matter who you are you aren't safe from this disease. One of the best parts of this message that they sent was visual that came along with

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