Manage Diversity In The Workplace Essay

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Case 1: Victoria has to deal with an increasingly diverse group of workers in her department. Suggest ways on how she can effectively manage diversity in the work environment. From the case stated above, the department is facing an increasingly diverse group of workers. Diversity can be define as the inclusion of the individuals representing more than one national origin, races, religion, cultural, sexual orientation and etc. If an organization couldn’t manage diversity well, it may cause the organization facing discrimination among workforce, arguments between workers and having a customer service problems as the workers are uncomfortable with or unable to relate or communicate with some customers. Therefore, to manage diversity effectively, Victoria should have some solutions to overcome this problem and the solutions are by using…show more content…
First of all, abilities of members is a part of a team’s performance depends on the knowledge, skills and abilities of its individual members. Lucas should assign the task which the member is able to do it and they are qualify for the project. The personality of member has shown to be relevant to team effectiveness. A member who has a good personality is a conscientious people whom is valuable in team as they are good in backing up other team members and also provide support if it is needed. They can communicate better with one another and throw out more ideas which is creative and innovative. The allocating roles which is a team has different needs. Lucas should pick a leader, coordinator or a writer in the team when doing their project based on their ability. The diversity of members may also help in an effective team where a team members share a common demographic attribute, such as age, sex, race, educational level, and which benefits from differing perspectives and can do better in a project. Stephen P. Robbins & Timothy A. Judge (2012, pg

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