Griffith's Innovative Editing Techniques In The Matrix

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An example of a movie that I have seen recently that uses Griffith’s innovative editing techniques is the movie called “The Matrix”. Parallel editing is the term, which describes the act of cutting between two scenes that are happening simultaneously. Parallel editing was the technique that The Matrix used often. Throughout the movie there were multiple times that they would show us cuts between the matrix and the real world. For example the characters would travel between those two worlds. To get into further detail a scene that used parallel editing was when Cypher had taken control of the Nebuchadnezzar and slowly moved from member to member. While moving from member to member he was slowly pulling their plugs to taunt Trinity. As Cypher got to the first member and pulled out his plug there were about three cuts in a fast sequence that began with a view of the matrix world with a man who is about to die.…show more content…
Then there are two shots in the real world that shows Cypher standing above the guy as he pulls out his plug and a shot of the needle as it comes out. After this scene the camera swiftly jumps back to the matrix as the man collapses on the floor. These scenes that quickly cross cuts show the audience what is happening on both sides of the connection when one of their plugs is pulled in the real world. Another example of a scene in the matrix that used parallel editing was near the start of the interrogation scene of the movie. Morpheus was in both shots that the director cut between but he was unconscious in both the shots. Morpheus was the only thing that both the shots had in common and he did that to relate the

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