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The teaching I chose to use for my paper is The Freedom of a Christian by Martin Luther and the film Rachel is Getting Married. The proposition that Luther used for his argument against the Roman Catholic Church is that humans are free from God and do not need to obey anyone but are servants to others. According to Luther, they are two natures that humans have, the body and soul. The body is referred to as “outward or old” and the soul is referred to as “inner or new”. The body and soul contradict each other because of what the body desires is different from what the soul needs. The soul only needs the Word of God to be made righteous. Therefore, what humans do with their “outward” person does not affect the state of their “inner person”. Nevertheless, if…show more content…
The two characters that I will discuss their specific moral failings are Kym and Paul Buchman. Kym is self-centered and a recovering drug addict in a rehabilitation center. Kym’s self-centeredness does not allow her to take into consideration the feelings of others. During Rachel’s rehearsing dinner instead of toasting to the bride and groom she makes the speech about herself and her asking for forgiveness of those she has hurt. This agitated her sister Rachel and Kym was not able to realize that. Moreover, Kym’s drug addiction is the main source of her problems with her family. Kym’s drug addiction problem did not allow her to make correct decisions. Her drug addiction was the force acting upon her inner person that did not allow her to have control over the decisions she made. For example, when Kym was sixteen years old, she was intoxicated and while driving back from the park with her brother, Ethan, she lost control of the car resulting in his death. This incident scared Kym for the rest of her life and affected the relationship she has with her

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