Education In The 1600's

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Since the 1600’s, politics in the United States has affected education in many ways. When the pilgrims arrived in 1620, their values and ideas shaped society. Families were expected to teach their children literacy, and churches shifted from teaching religious values to teaching education. The Spanish tried to acculturate the Native Americans through schooling. In the 1700’s, people were concerned that families could not successfully teach their children so mass education became the solution. The national crisis of attacks and foreign conspiracies also turned to education so America could stand united. In 1785, a land ordinance was passed to sell land in the Old Northwest Territory to raise money for the maintenance of public schools. Jefferson…show more content…
They learned academic subjects and manual skills, which prepared them for particular jobs. The Smith Hughes Act passed in 1917 sped up the vocational education movement, and the testing involved caused students to be segregated earlier than they were before. Women were encouraged to take separate domestic classes because people believed they were feminizing the boys. There was a shift from manual labor to office work for females from 1890 to 1930. Women often took commercial education classes such as bookkeeping and typing. Along with the separation of males and females, African Americans also had problems with segregation. In 1890, Louisiana passed a segregation act that required separate trains for blacks. Homer Plessy went to court, and the court decided that separate facilities were constitutional if they were equal. Many African Americans were not able to attend high school. In Caswell County of North Carolina, the first African American high school was opened with the help of the community and parents. From 1880 to 1930, millions of immigrants entered the United States, and by 1929, free immigration was ended with the Johnson Reed Act. Schools began to assimilate the immigrants to preserve American culture. Mexican Americans also had problems with segregation in schools. The Mendez family went to court in 1944 because their children were denied entry to the school near their…show more content…
One aspect of education today is the Common Core Standards. It began in 2009 and was led by state leaders such as state commissioners and governors. Teachers also helped in developing the standards. The purpose of creating these standards was to help prepare students while in school for college and their future careers in life. Before the Common Core Standards, every state had its own set of standards. With the new standards, all the schools within the states that adopted them had college readiness standards and expectations for students set in place. The standards specify consistent goals for students and each goal is needed to succeed in college. Teachers, students, and parents all have to work together so the students can advance throughout the years. The standards have been revised several times to ensure the best principles. How the standards are taught and what is used to teach them are decided by the school and teachers. The English Language Arts Standards require students to read stories and complex texts and answer questions based on the readings, which emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving. Schools combine the standards with the standards they already have in place. The Mathematics Standards are more specific and organized and promote solving real world problems. They also encourage teachers to make sure students understand the material by asking them why a

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