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Elucidating the word redneck What is an actual redneck? This class of people has crossed religion boundaries, political boundaries, and has hit pop culture, redneck is a word whose meaning has many layers. Society uses redneck freely in songs and television shows. Although, the word redneck is often used to describe someone from the south having no teeth, being inbreed, and having no education, rednecks is a class of hard working people. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the word redneck was the offensive slang that was politically used for poor farmers. Redneck characterized farmers having a red neck from long working hours receiving a sunburn on their necks. The word redneck was commonly used to designate the political factions…show more content…
After doing interviews and research, society has changed their thoughts and visuals of a redneck as a southern person being inbreed, no teeth, white trash, and not having education. Although ubiquitous people fit into the definition of a redneck, it is downgrading to be categorized as one by another person. When someone refers to themselves as a redneck, the word represents, a way of celebration. Research also indicates many rednecks as being well educated and wealthy. Social media soars with jokes, pictures, and videos of rednecks. Anything associated with hunting, four- wheeler riding, truck driving, boots wearing, sweet tea drinking, and mud goes towards the term redneck. Words associated with redneck is a country bumpkin, local yokel, hayseed, good ole boy, and a hillbilly. Many pokes joke at our county living. People assert rednecks eat too much, drink constantly, smoke too much, play too hard, live life to the fullest, use incorrect speech, are brutally fighters bathe occasionally, work on cars in the front yards, and leave Christmas lights up year around. A redneck would much rather fight out their problems than discuss them in a civil way. Rednecks are proud fishermen and hunters ranging from opossum, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, to deer. Rednecks can survive hard times because they can hunt, raise a garden, and most important to them make moonshine. There are several positive

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