Anne Bradstreet Beliefs

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This is an essay that examines Anne Bradstreet's complexe attitude towards her Puritan religious conviction as evidenced in the poem "Upon the Burning of Our House" Ann Dudley Bradstreet, 1612-1672 was born in England. She was born and raised a Puritan and grew up in cultivated surroundings of history, languages and litterature. Her father made sure she recieved a proper education, which was superior for young women in that day and age.She emmigrated to New England, in the United States on the "Arabella" and was the first female poet to have her poems published there. She recieved positive response for her works both from the old and the new world. Everyday life in the colonies were hard for a Puritan wife and Mother. It was tough, difficult to adapt, there was hardships and her poor health was some of the difficulties she had to handle. Nevertheless she…show more content…
She was deeply influenced by the french poet Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas, a readers favorite in the 1600's. She highly valued knowledge and intelligence. She was a free minded but yet complimentary poet with a theological view that women and men have different but yet complimentary roles and responsabilities in a marriage, the family, religious life and in other areas. She aknowledged her lifetask as a sinner and Pilgrim but was concerned whether or not the Scriptures of the Bible were all true. This is because she never saw any convincing miracles herself. She was finally convinced, not by reading but by observing it with her own eyes. She was the first in a long row of poets that took her consolation not from theology but from "The Wondrous Works". She says: I see the vast frame of heaven and earth, the order of all things, night and day, summer and winter, spring and fall, the daily providing of this great household in this world, the preserving and direction of all to it's proper
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