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Sarah Kemble Knight lived in a time where women were to be dependent on their husband, and were only deemed fit to work in the home. Knight however, did not conform to these standards. She was an independent and successful woman who, among other achievements opened a writing school and ran a family business. Knight made a remarkable journey from Boston to New York by herself, with only local guides to guide her from town to town (“Knight, Sarah Kemble”). Sarah Kemble Knight was a strong, independent woman, who initiated her own success and was not dependent on others. Knight was born in 1666, in Boston, Massachusetts. She was born to Thomas Kemble, a merchant, and Elizabeth Trerice. In 1689, Knight married Richard Knight who worked as…show more content…
She also opened dame’s school, which taught writing to children. (“Knight, Sarah Kemble”). As a result of Knight opening this school, writing and reading was taught to children, boys and girls, which gave children an opportunity to expand their education. Knight never let the stereotype of being a woman stop her from accomplishing what she wished to do. Many women then and even now, certain women would have been discouraged and thought that because they were women they couldn’t succeed and prosper in what they wish to…show more content…
Women have gradually gained respect by actions of women, similar to those of Sarah Kemble Knight’s. Knight’s bravery and fearlessness throughout her life and especially during her journey defied the limitations that were set for women in the 1700’s. As written in The Norton Anthology American Literature, “Knight’s tough-mindedness was undoubtedly the result of the fact that she had to make her way in the work with considerable ingenuity” (Winship 170). Knight was determined to make her existence in the world unique and successful. As women have gained respect over the centuries, it is important that women continue to prove that they are capable of accomplishing what men can also accomplish. Knight may not have known it at the time, but she made a stepping stone towards gender

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