Child Soldiers Research Paper

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“Eighty percent of the world fighting forces composed of a child soldiers between the ages of eight through eighteen”(Schauer and Elbert.)” Child soldiers are often abducted from their loved ones or threatened that one of their loved ones will be killed. Most children become child soldiers as a refuge from homelessness and starvation, which gives them no other option but to become a soldier. Since 2004, the use of child soldier has more than doubled. A child's soldier is less costly than there respectably group, they need less motivation, and listen to instruction more than often. They feel a sense of protection and comfort of being a part of a movement, which is their family in a sense. Although many do not understand the risks of serving as a soldier, child soldiers never fully recover from the brutality of their past due to post-traumatic stress disorder, antisocial disruptive behavior, and lack of education. To begin, there are many risks that come with becoming a child soldier, and post-traumatic stress disorder is the worst effect that hunts you some part of your life or the rest of your life. “I was twelve years old, we saw how children in a school

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