Compare And Contrast Assisted Living Vs Nursing Home

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In time families begin to grow a concern for their loved ones safety and well-being. Leading to the conclusion to look into an assisted living or nursing home. Essential Harbour is an assisted living facility that would be most ideal than choosing a nursing home. Making a decision for a loved one can be difficult but easy if you compare and contrast the outcomes. Being in an assisted living facility vs. a nursing home has its reasoning; the living quarters, custodial help, and familiar surroundings. The living quarters in Essential Harbour by far is the best. In this facility, private rooms is an option as well as rooms that accommodate personal belongings. In comparison, nursing homes offer private rooms, but also there are shared rooms. In addition an assisted living facility and nursing…show more content…
Assisting residents with a limited number of activities such as; dressing, bathing, toileting, and eating. In comparison, a nursing home provides the same. However, there is a difference between the two facilities in staff wise. In a nursing home the ratio between staff and residents is 1:10, vs in Essential Harbour the ratio is 1:8. The ratios between the two make a great impression on the companionship that is offered amongst the two. In assisted living facility, its personal and one on one. In a nursing home its non-stop in and out of the rooms, and medical staff around constantly. Finally, the familiar surroundings is not only comforting but reassuring to your loved one. In Essential Harbour we do our best to make our facility comfortable and beautiful. Having your loved one come here would be best ideal for them. Intended to provide the resident with own accommodations as well as making it feel at home. In a nursing home, the surroundings can be a feel of like being in the hospital. Being confined to certain things even so limited. Essential Harbour can give you that freedom and enjoyment you seek and

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