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Much like nature, society never ceases, yet it continues to evolve throughout time. Whether it evolves for the better, or for the worse, is all account of the society. In modern society as we know it, people are living in poverty, pollutants are destroying our environment, and criminal rates are higher than we would prefer to see them. That is what has encouraged us to change the world that we live in by starting with our home country. The citizens should have power in the government, but, if we grant them too much power, then society will be anarchic. You might ask yourself, then what is satisfactory? Well, we believe there should be a balance. A happy medium, if you will. The citizens should have enough power to speak their mind, but not…show more content…
It’s a time where ideas are robust and plentiful. The last major known Renaissance occurred in Europe during the 1600’s and 1700’s and there hasn’t been much of a rebirth since then. Various advancements occurred in this period with a focus on math, architecture, art, literature, and sciences. These fields make giant leaps and bounds to be where they are today. Much of what we now know about things such as art and architecture has been derived from this Renaissance. In Terra Nova, every single moment of our existence will be like a brand new Renaissance. The explorations of the arts and sciences will be encouraged rather than discouraged and here will be complete freedom to make explorations in science that would have never occurred before. Anyone will be able to contribute to these bounds in sciences, you won’t need to have expertise in areas to contribute to With innovation, progress is inevitable and with us we will truly make the world a better…show more content…
After seeing a decline in nonrenewable resources, the Founding Fathers have decided to limit the amount of nonrenewable resources and materials leading to an increase in the use of renewable materials such as plastic, paper, and glass as well as solar and geothermal energy. In addition to promoting the use of more renewable materials, a cleaner, newer, and ,less hazardous form of nuclear energy has been used to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and gasoline. This renewable form of energy has been introduced into major cities and communities to help make not only our economy more efficient, but help the environment. Its called Newerclear, an extremely safe and renewable source of energy. By using a combination of the natural resources that are abundant and renewable, Newerclear will not only be a more efficient way to produce energy, but a safer, eco-friendly energy source. In previous societies, the growth of population is resulting in less care for the environment, which, in time, will result in a permanently harmed society that we will not be able to recover from. Through Newerclear, we will be able to provide a safe and conservative environment to those who live

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