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There have been several studies carried out and literature published which have direct or indirect congruity with the present study. The review is presented in six parts: K to 12 Curriculum, Senior High School Program, diversity of the measures of ability/aptitude, achievement, and occupational interest, measures on Senior High School readiness, college and career readiness, and different methods in validating measures of ability, achievement and occupational interest. This part of the study accounts the studies undertaken by accredited scholars and researchers. The K to 12 Curriculum in the Philippines Oteyza (2012) posited that education equips a person with the necessary knowledge and skills he or she needs to become a functional member…show more content…
As a result, high school graduates are often deemed unprepared for formal work, entrepreneurship, or even higher education. They do not exhibit the basic skills or even emotional acuity ideal for the professional arena. High school graduates who opted not to continue with college are thus unproductive or prone to illegal labor practices. The enactment of the K to 12 education plan in the Philippines is one of the elemental schemes to boost our nation’s improvement. In addition, K to 12 implementation allows students to obtain enough instructional time to carry out academic tasks which enable them to acquire preparedness and mastery of a particular subject area. With the new curriculum, senior high school students can choose their preferred area of discipline on which they excel at and that they are interested in. As a result, the students will be armed with the needed skills for a specific occupation even without obtaining yet a college degree. Upon reaching the age of 18, the common high school graduating’s age; the students will be employable and trainable already. Lastly, Filipino graduates will no longer be required to study again and worry about spending more money in order to adjust to foreign standards. Generally, Filipino professionals who desire to earn a living abroad will not

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