Education In High School Essay

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In the United States, there has been an education system dated back to 1647. At that moment in time, it was an honor to be able to attend school, but not necessary. Nowadays, it is a requirement to attend schooling until you are of legal age to drop out. Education has had a huge impact on my life. I will never look at it the same way. My heart was pounding on my first day of school. My mother talked to me all night before tucking me in bed, telling me how great it will be. “You’ll have a great time,” she said. As she was walking me to the bus. I felt strong, as if i could conquer anything. I waved good-bye and off we went. Walking to the classroom was the most terrifying part of it all. As I saw my teacher standing at the door greeting students, my heart felt heavy. My sense of confidence fell. She shook my hand and told me “Good morning,” in a happy tone. I found my seat,…show more content…
Bullies became an everyday thing and like years ago, teachers almost refused to take part in it. I went to my counselor, because that’s what they’re there for, to help you. But again, I had a terrible experience. She said she didn’t know what to say. She offered to talk to the kids, or their parents. From experience, I knew that wasn’t a great idea. So, there I was, trying to survive highschool with failing grades and zero support. Talking about grades, they were also a big thing in my education. Not because I didn’t do my work, but because I never received any help. In 10th grade, I took an Earth Science class that I was having a rough time at. One day after class was over, I asked him if I could get some help. He told me if he helped me, he’d have to help every one of his students. He asked me why I thought I was so special, to ask for help on my own. Growing up, thats what they tell you to do. They encourage you to ask for help. I lost my self esteem when I was told that I was not important enough to get one on one help from my
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