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Following Sorrita’s illustration on IDWs’ enjoying nightlife in Hong Kong, Susanti provides similar observation. Some IDWs, indeed, are the regular pubs visitors. Susanti gives example of an IDWs named Lasmini who engages in this particular life style simply because of her circle. Two consecutive days, she went with Made and friends visiting discotheque days and nights. She went back to consume alcoholic drink and ecstasy. “I have no place to sleep. Therefore, every time I left discotheque in the morning, I would sleep under the white tent in Victoria Park” said Lasmini. That day, Hong Kong was celebrating Chinese New Year. That was why the foreign domestic helper, including Made and friends, are given non-Sunday free day bonus. (Susanti 26) From the quote above, Susanti underscores…show more content…
Amen.” (Sorrita 10). From the above quote, it is clearly implied that Sorrita provides her protagonist with the perspective of heteronormativity. However, the protagonist does not merely criticize same-sex relationship as something sinful because she considers that there must be a reason why people engage in such a relationship. This is to say that her belief does not allow her to tolerate same-sex relation, but her conscience allows her to understand any possible reason why people would engage in a same-sex relationship. The second short story “Tenda Putih dan Kutang Victoria,” Sorrita brings out a character named Parti, a bisexual, who openly engages in promiscuity. The protagonist, Sarinah, briefly comments on Parti as the following: Sarinah never thought that she would meet Parti who got terminated by her employer because she was caught in the act intimated with Tini […] Apparently, Parti was not only favored by men but also liked woman as well. Are people going crazy or it is the world? (Sorrita

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