Edentulism Case Study

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The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) has developed a classification system for complete edentulism based on specific diagnostic criteria. Edentulism is divided into 4 levels of difficulty or complexity: Classes I, II, III and IV. Class IV designates patients who present the most difficult degree or complexity of treatment. Maxillary residual ridge morphology is the most objective criteria for the maxilla since measurement of the residual bone height by radiography is not reliable. The following scenario follows a logical progression to describe the effects of residual ridge morphology and muscular influence on the maxillary denture.106 Type A Palatal morphology and sufficient tuberosity of this class resists vertical and horizontal movement of the denture base. Hamular notch is well defined to establish the posterior extension of the denture base. Absence of tori or exostoses.106…show more content…
SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS Risk factors for edentulism include socioeconomic status, income, education level, and smoking.75A significant relationship between socio-demographic variables, edentulism and denture demand is found. Several reports have shown that non-disease factors such as attitude, behavior, dental attendance, characteristics of health care systems and socio-demographic factors play important roles in the aetiopathogenesis of edentulism.76 Lower socio-economic group had a higher demand for prostheses than the higher group. A study done in a rural area of Eastern Guatemala showed that social and environmental factors such as poverty, lack of proper education and inadequate diet contribute to widespread premature loss of permanent teeth76. Level of education, economic status, and quality of life (QoL) are all related to patient satisfaction. Patients with a better self-perception of their affective status and QoL showed higher levels of general satisfaction. Patients with a higher self-perception of their economic status were less

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