Class System In The Train

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Classes in the movie depend on their tickers. The class system in the train is divided into 3 types; first class, economy class, and low-class passengers, depending on what types of ticket they buy. The latter one are those who board the train for free. Each classes receive different treatment and privileges. In the novel, class system is divided into 3 types as well. The elites or the inner party members belong to the ruling class. The outer party members belong to the middle class and the rest belong to the proletarian class, the lowest class. The proles live outside the city and are considered to be not civilized. Compared to the outer party members, they are freer because the ruling class does not really pay much attention to them. They…show more content…
This is the consequence of exploitation and class-based system of organization. Radicalized organization occurs when people gather because the differences between their status and privilege are obvious from other groups or when they feel uncertain whether they will be a part of the organization. Radicalized organization is a main part of the movie. It is obvious that the lower class passengers are treated much worse than other classes and they always realize it. The first couple years on the train, they had no food to eat. They even had to eat each others. Babies were eaten. Some had to cut their own arm to feed other passengers. Then protein blocks are made and given to those passengers. Unfortunately, the main ingredient of the blocks are cockroaches. When Curtis knew what the protein blocks are made of, he realized how badly they have been treated even more. As walking through the middle and the front sections of the train, he saw a vegetable farm, meet hung in a room, spas, bars, a sushi restaurant, a beauty salon, etc. The first and middle class life condition is totally different from those in the tail section. The different treatment is the main reason for lower class passengers to band together and stage a revolution. Of course, there…show more content…
The Emancipated Spectator was purposed by Jacques Rancière, the French political philosopher. It might begin with the realization that an inspector does not necessarily has to interpret objects in the same way the artist wants them to think because the inspector can have their own imagination. In the actual art world, the 9/11 can be good example. After the incident, many believe that there is a conspiracy theory behind it. They do not believe the US government’s statements and explanations. In the 1984, Winston also believes that there is some kind of conspiracy existing in the party. He even asked O’Brien whether there is such a person as

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