E-Procurement In Local Government

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E-procurement is the generic term applied to the use of integrated database systems and wide area (commonly web-based) network communication systems in part or all of the purchasing process. The procurement process encompasses the initial need identification and specification by users, through the search, sourcing and negotiation stage of contracts and order placement and on to include mechanisms that register receipt, trigger payment and support post-supply evaluation. Volume E-procurement is the extent to which the activities of procurement organizations handled through the Internet. In particular, it is the percentage of procurement activities are transacted via the Internet, is calculated by dividing the total number of procurement activities…show more content…
Statistically, the effect of all independent variables on the efficiency and effectiveness of e-procurement in local government is not significant. The main factors that affect the implementation of e-procurement is a synergy between the central government and local governments in terms of effective response from local governments to the central government, and strengthening local capacity and willingness to fight corruption and implement programs for e-procurement. Besides human resources is an important factor that determines the performance of e-procurement in local…show more content…
They concluded that the level of compliance in the implementation of the principles of good governance in public procurement are needed in the Presidential Decree 54 of 2010 is quite high. However, further improvements need to be promoted in order to achieve public service of a higher standard. Feasibility level of small and micro enterprises to participate in public procurement provided by the regional work units (SKPD) is still very low. Empowerment of small and micro enterprises in the business aspect can be achieved though, the Human Resources aspect, Technology and Information Aspects, Lobbying Aspects Aspects and Stakeholder

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