All My Sons Idealist Analysis

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People need to do what needs to be done, even stepping on people's heads in order to get to the top. Arthur Miller would disagree with this argument and in fact, he created an entire play to make sure this is not supported. As readers of the play All My Sons we can perceive that Miller is an idealist. Just by the way he picks on certain characters that "coincidentally" are pragmatists, but it is not a coincident Miller picks on these characters, he intentionally makes Joe Keller seem like a goofy man. "He knowingly shipped out part that would crash an airplane. And how do you know Larry wasn't one of them? I was waiting for that. [Going to her] As long as you're here, Annie, I want to ask you never to say that again". (1.464) Just by the…show more content…
God does not let a son be killed by his father. Now you see, don't you? Now you see". (2.519) Kate wonders what Joe's judgment was prior to the selling of faulty airplane parts. In most cases, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but certainly not in this case. Joe and Chris definitely share some similarities but surely extract frustration and butt heads which each other. "I've been a good son too long, a good sucker. I'm through with it." (1.215) Chris has been brought up to be a pragmatist and to follow everything that his father believes, Chris though believes differently and isn't just following what's expected of him and the path that his old man envisions him to take. Chris would be ecstatic to see his father in jail and would love for his own father to turn himself him in. What does Chris not understand? Joe is still his father and is the reason that he is on Earth today. Joe undoubtedly could not handle all of the guilt and pressure put on him and most people were turning on him and his mental health started to become a serious question. "You have no strength. The minute there's trouble you have no…show more content…
"I want you to spread out, Chris, I want you to use what I made for you… I mean, with joy, Chris, without shame… with joy". (1.585) We must feel sympathetic for Joe due to the fact that he did it all for his family. Joe would not want to harm someone for no reason there is always a reason behind it and in this case, it's his family. Does Joe see his actions differently now that he can look at the issues first hand? After Larry was gone for a while his fiance Ann started to move on from him and decided to start dating Larry's brother. "I'll do nothing about Joe, but you're going to do something for me. You made Chris feel guilty with me. Whether you wanted to or not, you've crippled him in front of me". (3.86) Kate does not approve of Chris and Ann because she truly believes that Chris is still alive. Ann is thought to be very selfish but she just wants to get back on the horse and start again. Throughout the play, there are four families that are very close, Joe was actually very close to Ann father Steve before some serious pragmatism occurred. After the war, Joe and Steve were confronted about selling faulty airplane parts to the military and Joe put all the heat on Steve and walked completely clean. Steve is behind bars while Joe remains unconditionally clean but Joe could not handle all the hate and decided to join Larry in a land of peace and

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