Swot Analysis Of Commercial Bank

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) Major competitors of BOC • Seylan • Sampath • HNB • Commercial Bank • Peoples bank • CDB When comparing to its competitors BOC always make adjustments to innovative focus, service differentiation, diversification, cross- selling ability, and governance and risk control. Also BOC has a higher number of resources such as Buildings, Machines (ATM, Etc.) Vehicles, Furniture and fittings, Land, Office Equipment's Finance Assets, Cash accounts, stocks, bonds Knowledge, Skills, Service than other banks according to the researches. BOC also help the country in its development process, for example the Bank has launched units such as an Islamic Banking Unit and Investment Banking Unit aiming to diversify its portfolio in non-core banking which operates…show more content…
They provide a 25 % discount with conditions for each shop. Normally they promote their product with high value added way to create customer awareness. • Marketing calendar of Commercial Bank, Seylan and HSBC banks were issued. • Successful new product launches, which gave the Bank a notable competitive edge. 2. Lack of technological facilities has been provided for its customers than its customers-For example, HSBC and some of the banks has established an Electronic Cash System (ECS) art can offer a variety of payment processing solutions to customers such as Electronic Check, gift cards, bill payment and Tele deposits SWOT analysis Strengths • BOC’s core strength is its people who are united to manage any overcome from crisis. • BOC is a large innovative services provided to the customers • BOC Offers a high interest rates • Expanding the branches of BOC in rural areas too. • Increased internet banking and mobile banking facilities • Have a talent management team. • BOC has a wider product line. • Improve financial service for customer. • Developing ATM facilities • Focus on CSR activities Weaknesses •…show more content…
Normally this system use in back office of branches. Bank of Ceylon uses this system in order to maintain and enter their day to day transactions and information. In front office they use teller system. It is calling as ABT (Automated Branch Teller System). This Core Banking System helps to increase effectiveness of Bank of Ceylon. Therefore they can provide good service for their customers. As well as reliability of customers will be increased. This will cause to BOC’s goodwill also. As a result they can attract more customers to Bank of Ceylon. • Procurement and supplies system This system called as “System 21”. This system use for manage their supplies and procurement. • Credit card system This system use for manage their credit card information. • Leasing business – Leasing System This system called as “Leasing System”. This system use for manage their information about

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