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Many potential customers are uncertain of the position they wish to reach. Part of the value connected with travel agencies is the knowledge they own regarding destinations. Clients look to the agency to provide them with sound recommendation for a competitive price. Adventure Worlds is certain in its ability to do so. Time is a precious product. Adventure World be able to save the customer time and money, and help to ensure that they are fulfilled with their vacation. Marketing Programs Clients will be reached through conventional marketing communication methods. Information has been situated detailing profiles of both hard and soft adventure travelers, where they live, work, what they do. Study suggests that many of the target customers…show more content…
Adventure World will try to maintain margins of 10% on all travel cost. Limitations on all other products and services differ depending upon the provider but are expected to average 30%. Adventure World will make every effort to maintain a competitive pricing policy. However, as Adventure World builds its reputation as the premier provider of adventure travel, it expects to earn the ability to charge a premium for its services. Sales Strategy Adventure World will vend the benefits of the services it offers and the activities it promotes. Adventure World sells the liberty that is part of a healthy and balanced daily life. The payback of that lifestyle are many. People must to be reminded infrequently that there is more to life than building larger barns. Adventure World can offer clients with all of the preparations they can imagine of and likely many they would not have considered of. The company’s concern is not to take full advantage of profits on any individual sale but to satisfy the client. Doing this will reduce expenses and increase profits in the long run. It is less expensive to preserve a relationship than it is to expand a new one. At Adventure World the workers believe in the benefits of the activities it promotes, and the company is confident that it can satisfy the needs of the experienced adventure traveler and the newcomer…show more content…
Adventure World expects sales to be sluggish in the first quarter of function. Sales growth is estimated at 20% yearly through year three of operation. Projected Profit and Loss Adventure World’s earnings image improves as operations progress into the third quarter of the first year of function. Adventure World anticipates improving its gross border from 22% in year one to 23% in year two. Yearly estimates of profit and loss are detailed in the following table. Personnel Plan The personnel plan depicts Adventure World’s predictable head count for the start up year. The below table provides additional detailed information. Adventure World does not anticipate the need to significantly increase personnel in the first 2-3 years. Personnel

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