Essay On International Terrorism

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INTRODUCTION Twenty-first centuries are filled by the remarkable issue of international terrorism. Starting from the 9/11 WTC tragedy, until the presence of ISIS which can not be understimated in the global arena. Terrorism has created much scarcity in each of the hearts and minds of people. Terrorism as defines in the UK Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976, s.14 which is ‘the use of violence for political ends [including] any use of violence for the purpose of putting the public or any section of the public fear’. The action of terrorism can be said success if the citizens, government, and others who set as the subjects of the terrorism action feel fear, worry, and unsafe. However, as long as the fear, worry, and unsafe feeling itself has not spread out in the citizens, the actions of the terrorism itself could not attain the goal of theirs. The…show more content…
The writer believes that the spread of international terrorism can raises the business opportunities in global arena since it is related to the international political economy. How it can be related? The activities and the spreads of international terrorism are interconnected each other. In one hand, the international terrorism bring bad impact which leads to the huge losses, while in another hands it brings a good impact, leads to the opportunity and benefits . Take a look on the case of the attacks of 9/11 World Trade Centre building. American and the whole world was shocked, and it was resulted many people die, and the US stock market has been shaky. However, the US government foreign policy on campaigning anti-terrorism has bring many benefits in business opportunities. By the issued of their foreign policy many changes happend in global politics arena. The business opportunities that arises are the increasing of the regional groupies cooperation, more advanced of the technology and military weapons, and the role of

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