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INTRODUCTION Organisational citizenship behaviour can be explained as the job behaviours which cannot be directly or formally recognised by the reward system in an organisation. These organisational citizenship behaviours. it is o popular and wide area to study in the organisational behaviour and in this term paper here i am trying to make detailed report on the organisational citizenship behaviours . The organisational’ citizenship behaviours is most of the time performed by the employees not to gain anything them self but to protect the interest of the peer groups, formal groups or the organisation. So these behaviours cannot be directly associated with a particular job or employees task. Therefore by this reason managers find it too difficult…show more content…
Trait EI and OCB Emotional intelligence, (EI) is that concept which may be a account for the variance in the ability of an individuals and tries to regulate the emotions variability EI (Emotional intelligence ) helps in facilitate a scientific type of framework for the knowledge that individuals may vary in according to different , process, and utilize affect information of an individual intrapersonal nature. There are two types of emotional intelligence (EI): Ie, Trait EI & Ability EI, of which these are easily distinguished on the basis of measurement method which is used to depict the construct On the contrary, trait EI (emotional self-efficacy) is operationalised with or through self reported questionnaire. Trait EI can be explained as the ability to acquire accurately, appraise, making and express emotion. At this movement, there is some a need to figure out the major difference between trait EI and ability EI. The lateral possesses behavioural dispositions. It may encompass individuals or personal perception, thinking, processing, regulation and utilization of certain emotional information. Most of the Individuals with more trait EI marks or score believe that they are in always touch with their emotions and they would be able to control them in a way that enhances…show more content…
Trait EI, as i already mentioned above is generally measured through different kinds of self reports, on the other hand the latter focuses on the actual abilities and generally ought, to be measured with high performance rather than other self-report tests. Because trait EI is usually can be relates to behavioural tendencies and some kind of self-perceived abilities. So a detailed about these must be arranged within a personality framework. In short, ability EI should have to study through primarily with respect to psychometric intelligence. Trait EI is usually assessed by way of self-report measures, which would be a have great connection with other defined established measures of personality, depression and

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