The Pros And Cons Of Operation Paperclip

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A government is a body in power of a nation meant to create the principles that serve as the foundations for a system of belief or behavior held by the nation’s people (“Merriam-Webster”). If United States of America claims to have a government, it subsequently claims that this government formulates principles meant to serve as the foundation for the system of behavior of the nation’s people. During the mid-1900s, the same nation’s government carried out a poisonous operation that stained the permanently stained the nation’s reputation (“World War II: Operation Paperclip”). By executing Operation Paperclip, as it this was called, the government created principles by which the government operated. These principles revealed themselves to be those of malice, treachery, and deception. During the aftermath of World War II, the import of openly Nazi scientists through Operation Paperclip granted America an unethical scientific advantage, ultimately ending the Cold War in a controversial Russian defeat. By means of this malevolent operation, scientists imported from Germany won the U.S. priceless research that granted the nation an advantage during the Cold War. A very central part of the Cold War preparation and the majority of the imported…show more content…
took part in after the conclusion of World War II did not end at human experimentation and Nazi affiliation since this operation went so far that the government went to extreme measures to cover up its actions in fear of revolt, revealing the immense weight this controversy carried. In her novel Secret Agenda, Linda Hunt “scathingly indicts specific American military and civilian officials who, motivated by Cold War exigencies or bureaucratic opportunities shielded useful Germans from war crimes investigation and public scrutiny” (Beyerchen). This statement shows the furtiveness of the American government; a furtiveness only necessary in such an extremely scandalous and horrendous case as

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