Counter Terrorism In India

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Walter Laqueur stated that counter terrorism naturally goes hand by hand with terrorism, over the years it has become less successful for many reasons. Modern technology had great progress; the only effective weapon against terrorism has been the infiltration of their ranks and the use informers. The result of advancement of computer technology and the co-operation of a population are the cause behind the success of counter terrorism in democratic societies. Martha Crenshaw also discussed about counter-terrorism strategy in a democratic state. He believed that sometimes the use of political labelling by counter terrorism should be modified by a state’s interest. According to him, the usage of the term counterterrorism is more confusing. It…show more content…
Thus the maintenance of law and order and responsibility of police is under the individual states as stated in the India’s federal Constitution. The ministry of home affairs’ Intelligence Bureau, the cabinet secretariat’s Research and analysis Wing (RAW), the defence intelligence agency (DIA) are combined as a whole named, The National Intelligence community. Inside the country, terrorism related information is collected by IB and outside it is collected by RAW. The DIA and the Intelligence Directorates collect tactical intelligence and set out physical Security Agencies, Paramilitary Forces and The Army. A multi-disciplinary centre on counter terrorism, expected to design on the CIA’s counter terrorism centre and a counter-terrorism division in the ministry of external affairs have been added to the setup of counter-terrorism in recent months. India followed some techniques those are: the importance of a good grievances detection, monitoring, and redresses of machinery; the importance of good, preventive human intelligence. The importance of timely technical intelligence; the importance of objective and balanced analysis, reverse analysis, prompt and co-ordinate follow-up actions; effective crisis management apparatus; good investigate machinery,…show more content…
Terrorism, in its nature, is a human phenomenon. We should keep in mind that all terrorist are ‘human’ being. In born a terrorist is a human entity. Terrorism is means, it ends is to terrorize and violence. Terrorism is can’t be treated as end. Terrorism is a kind of bad means; it can’t be solved with other violent means. We can’t consider a person as terrorist and side by side victim. If we do so, it deprives ordinary citizens of their fundamental rights, including their right to life. Thus human life is an ends, not as mere means. We should not harm one’s own right. Terrorism in any form is morally wrong for individuals as well as for the society. Killing or attacking others is immoral and harmful. A person has rights to save his own life, another man cannot violet such right to his own benefit or fulfil aim. We can conclude with our reason and mind, terrorism is unjustifiable at

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