Does Ph Level Affect The Enzyme Catalase

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Introduction Enzymes are catalysts that create biological functions and reactions. Enzymes are substances that are produced by living organisms and are affected by various pH levels. The following experiment is designed to see how pH levels affect the enzyme catalase process, (Daniel, Michelle, & Danson, 2010). In order to measure the outcome of the enzymatic reaction, this study will measure the acidic fluid and the procedure of the experiment. This experiment has been designed to clearly outline all directions and ways in which to accurately observe the reaction and outcome. The enzyme being used is pieces of chicken liver and the acid being used is hydrogen peroxide. Goal The goal of this experiment is to see how temperature will impact how the enzymes are able to function when chicken liver is added. Hypothesis If enzymes are heated or cooled, they will not function as well. Enzymes function best when they are set at a specific temperature. If the enzymes are cooled, they will slow. If the enzymes are heated, they will denture. Pre-lab…show more content…
There will be a great amount of bubbling and clear reaction. Any substance that is lower than 7.0 is considered an acid. Hydrogen peroxide has a pH of 6.2 and is therefore considered an acid. If a base were used instead of an acid, I think there would be less of a reaction and that the chicken liver would remain the same in a base. Substances with lower pH levels are more acidic than those with higher pH levels. The substances that is more acidic to bubble more as well as the substances with less

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