Aztec Warfare Research Paper

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Warfare in Aztec society Warfare in the Aztec society was considered to be the artwork of the Aztec nation, the Aztecs aphid a army that contained a astonishing 200,000 soldiers. Every single male citizen were considered potential soldiers. Boys often went to war at 16 years old. Boys started trading at the age of 15. The Aztecs were the ally everyone wanted but everyone feared of speaking to. The aztecs practised 2 types of warfare, a flower war is one of these 2 types, a flower war was fought between 2 smaller armies after a previous arrangement was made, it wasn't meant to conquer a city is was fought for the purpose of sacrificial captives, sacrifice was a important part of the aztecs daily routine so this was definitely a important part…show more content…
Another type of Aztec militant was a soldier wearing a jaguar skin on his head there would peep out of the jaguar mouth, these warriors would be the brute force of the army and they would be full time warriors. The next type of warriors fought viciously and they were recognised for this. There were many more types of soldiers but from this you can see that warfare was many important…show more content…
under the Spanish in 1521 the Aztec empire was destroyed by diseases and soldiers, the surviving Aztecs weren't allowed to even speak of their old culture, they where to learn how to read and write Spanish, obviously this was a negative effect on the Aztec society as the Spanish destroyed many parts of the Aztec

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