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Robotic Firefighter Can Be Used to Assist Firefighters to Reduce Risk Introduction In our everyday life, almost everything we do is related to technology. All these new inventions assist us when doing task that requires accuracy and time. However, There are jobs that are too risky for humans to do. Being a firefighter is one of the most outstanding examples. A fire caused by either terrorist attack or accident can put both innocent people and firefighters in danger while doing huge damage to public. In the document "Firefighter Fatalities in the United States in 2012" reported by Federal Emergency Management Agency(2013), 452 firefighters died while on duty in 2001(P 6). Thus, a question of how we can lower the death of firefighters arises, and the best answer to this is robotic firefighter. A robotic firefighter is a wide-range robotic system designed to monitor public safety and response to the emergency such as rescuing, fire and terrorist attacks. It is capable of identify hot spots of fires in any location in all time, and quickly react to reduce the damage. By carrying a positioning system and other equipments including fire hoses, a firefighter can also use it to put out fire, direct and rescue people out of the unsafe area. The four articles I have read are Real-Time Exploration of A Multi-Robot Rescue System in…show more content…
Based on the research I have done and these four articles, there are a few advantages of replacing humans with robots. Compare to humans' vision, robots perform so much better than humans when searching objects in the unknown environment. Due to the sensors and positioning systems, they are able to find people behind the walls and obstacles. Another one, and also one of the most important one, is that they can be controlled from a distance using radio systems such as GPS. Therefore, less death of fire fighters can be

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