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The effects on rate of reaction of enzymes when changes in temperature, pH and enzyme concentration occur Abstract The purpose of this lab was to test the effect a change in temperature, pH and enzyme concentration has on the rate of reaction of enzymes. The enzyme being studied is known as catalase, and it is used to speed up the reaction that breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Using enzyme rich liver and reacting it with solutions of various temperatures, pH, and concentrations allowed the experimenter to observe the changes in reactions rates. The reaction took place multiple times, each time with a new dependent variable, allowing the experimenter to distinguish between each rate of the reaction. The independent variables…show more content…
The test tube was placed into a boiling water bath for five minutes. The test tube was removed from the hot water bath, allowed to cool, and the water was poured out. 2mL of hydrogen peroxide was added. Test tube holders were used to hold hot test tubes. Step 8- The rate of the reaction was recorded. Step 9- Equal quantities of liver were placed into two clean test tubes and 1 mL H2O2 was placed into two separate test tubes. One test tube of liver and one test tube of H2O2 were put in an ice bath. The other set was placed into a warm water bath (not boiling). After three minutes, the H2O2 was poured into their corresponding tubes of liver and the reaction was observed. The rate of reaction was recorded for each. Step 10- Steps seven through nine were repeated with chicken. Step 11- 2mL of hydrogen peroxide was added to each of three clean test tubes. Four drops of acetic acid were added to test tube 1. The pH was…show more content…
The pH was recorded. Three drops of water were added to test tube 3. The pH was recorded. Step 12- Liver was added to each of the test tubes- all at the same time. The rate of each reaction was recorded. Steps 13-Steps eleven through twelve were repeated with chicken. (DeSouza 1-3) Changes 1 molar HCL solution was changed to 1 molar acidic acid. 40mL 3% hydrogen peroxide solution was changed to 40mL 6% hydrogen peroxide solution. Straight edge razor blade was changed to a scalpel. The experiment was done using beef and chicken liver. Results Outcome of the Experiment Step

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