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About half a century after the US gained its independence, the new country grew rapidly due to the Market Revolution. Better quality of transportation and commerce allowed people to expand west quickly. Americans saw themselves as pioneering people, and expansion was also spurred by national pride. That’s when an expansionistic ideology emerged known as manifest destiny. Manifest destiny was America’s idea that Americans were given a right granted by God to conquer from coast to coast, even if it meant using force to remove the “savages,” or the Mexican and Indians. Other reasons for expanding were to find better opportunity, free and fertile farmland, land free of disease, religious reasons, and for a better economic future. After the Panic of 1837, politicians…show more content…
The road to Santa Fe became known as the Santa Fe Trail and many settlements and trading posts were built along the trail. The Mexican government gave land to Moses Austin of Missouri to increase their buffers against the French. Moses’ son also agreed that he and his people would become Mexican citizens and adopt their religion, Catholic. This was when Americans first started having settlements in Texas. Austin never really kept his promise to the Mexicans and used the land as a southern extension for cotton and slavery. Seeing how the Americans were overpowering the other communities in Texas, the Mexican government started restricting their powers by outlawing slavery, applying duties and taxes, and restricting US immigration. The Texans were furious as war broke out in 1835. The Texans were caught off guard when Mexican troops came in and massacred them at the Battle of the Alamo. General Sam Houston along with his troops were able to get revenge later after defeating Santa Anna in a surprise attack. Santa Anna ended up signing a treaty finalizing the Republic of Texas at the Rio

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