Mr. Lubanski's Metamorphosis In The Miracle Of Bern

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The movie Miracle of Bern takes place in Berlin where Germany is dealing with many post war issues. One of the issues that Germany was dealing with was the return of soldiers from the Soviet war camps. While in the camps, the soldiers go though stages of what Walter A. Lunden calls “captivity psychosis.” (page 722) Lunden defines “captivity psychosis” as “the mental reaction of a soldier who has been captured by an enemy and thus made a prisoner of war.” (page 722) Lunden believes that “captivity psychosis” is the outcome of the adjustments the soldiers are forced to make while inside the war camps. Due to “captivity psychosis,” a soldiers return home to their families and society was difficult. Also, in the time the soldiers were gone,…show more content…
In the bar scene, the camera angles show how Mr. Lubanski is struggling in his return home to society. When the scene begins, the viewer is provided with a long shot containing the people of the bar who are watching the game. This long shot sets the scene by explaining to the viewer the setting of the scene and what is occurring in the setting. By using a long shot at the beginning to create the scene, the viewer is able to connect the setting of the scene to what occurs during the rest of the scene. As the scene moves along, the director shows a dissatisfied German soccer fan sitting at the bar with a medium shot. A medium shot shows a character or characters with a small part of their surroundings and us usually only contains a shot from their waste to their head. This medium shot in particular, shows two characters that are important to the general plot of the scene. The viewer is informed that the entire crowd is not satisfied with the score of the soccer game because Wortmann showed us two unhappy fans in the crown. The director is able to show the emotion of the whole crowd by showing two individuals amongst the crowd and their reactions to what is happening in the game. The medium shot in this scene completed the general idea of the setting. The setting of this scene informs the viewer that the general focus of the bar is the soccer game. The general focus of the bar becomes important once we are shown a shot Mr. Lubanski. After Mr. Lubanski calls Matthias over to talk with him, Wortmann pans with the camera and follows Matthias as he walks over to his dad. Then the camera continues to pan until we see Mr. Lubanski in the frame sitting alone at the table. Panning can be used in many different ways but it mostly provides scenes with an interesting point of view for the viewer of the film. The slowness of the panning in this scene helps build suspense in

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