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Sojourner Truth, an African American woman, was born in New York around the year of 1797. She was born into slavery, and is one of twelve children. Truth was born as Isabella Baumfree, but changed her name in 1843. Her entire family was owned by Colonel Hardenbergh, and they were separated after he died. Truth was an abolitionist and a women's rights activist. She inspired thousands of people with her powerful voice and strong will, her experiences as a slave, and with her kind heart. Sojourner Truth was an incredible woman. She inspired people with her thoughts and ideas. Truth believed that everyone should be treated equally. "She called for blacks to be freed from slavery, she demanded that all women be considered equal to men, she expected…show more content…
She took her heartbreaking and cruel experiences, and used them to her advantage. As a child, Truth was born into slavery, and she was separated from her family at the age of nine. Her new owner was ridiculously harsh and abusive. She had been sold around two more times after this, and then in 1815, met the love of her life. Truth fell in love with a slave named Robert, who was from a farm near hers. They ended up having one daughter, Diana, but Roberts' owner prohibited their relationship. He was frustrated with the fact that any offspring of theirs would not belong to him. Sojourner and Robert were forced to never see each other again. In 1817, Truth's owner arranged and forced her to marry Thomas, another one of his slaves. They had one son name Peter, and two daughters named Elizabeth and Sophia. After Truth had been refused emancipation by her owner, she took off with her daughter Sophia. Her other two children had to stay behind, and Truth discovered that her five year old son, Peter, had been illegally sold. She took the matter to court, and eventually got her son back. When Peter was old enough to get a job, he took one on a whaling ship. Truth received three letters from him, and when the ship docked, Peter was not on board. The people of our nation have always loved a good sob story. Truth has one of the best ones. She was born into slavery, separated from her family, and lost her

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