Discrimination Against Muslims

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The alienation and discrimination of people of the Islamic faith is not an isolated issue just seen in the United States. Because of the mass extremism brought on by fundamentalists in Southwest Asia, nations all over Europe have been seen showing prejudice towards Muslims. This is especially seen in France, which has one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in Europe: 7.5 million as of January, 2015. Many believe that the ever-increasing Islamophobia present in France was spurred by the infamous Charlie Hebdo shooting that occurred January 7, 2015. The disdain against Muslims began far before then, especially triggered by the laws banning face veils, such as the burqa, and head scarves. Anti-Muslim tactics have increased tremendously as a result of the burqa-ban and the Hebdo attacks, and the French government has done little to end the violence. In 2004, French government issued a ban on wearing veils, yarmulkes, large crosses, or other types of religious signs in schools. This was furthered in 2010 when full-faced coverings were banned from being worn in public,…show more content…
What followed this vicious attack was horrifying, at least towards the Muslims. Anti-Muslim attacks rang all over the country after the shooting, and innocent men, women, and children were harassed. A three-day terror rampage shook Paris, and in that short amount of time 17 people were murdered and 16 places of worship were attacked with firebombs and pig heads. This was all under the excuse that all Muslims deserved to pay for the deaths of the twelve in Paris, an excuse used over and over again to justify Islamophobia. Europe in general was thrown into an anti-immigration, xenophobic stance, and overall sentiment towards Muslims
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