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Everyone has either discriminated or has been discriminated before in their lives. Discrimination is a major cause of many serious issues in human life such as hate, which led to segregation, which may or has led to death. Discrimination happens because of the three main reasons. A person can be discriminated by the color of their skin, the economic status, and even their religion. I have gotten discriminated myself, because of the color of my skin. It all happened so fast so had no clue how to react. I can remember the day I was discriminated like it was yesterday. It was on a Friday night at a high school football game. I remember the smell of cut grass from the field, and cheeseburgers from the concession stand. There is a certain section in the stands that were reserved for season pass ticket holders only. With me was my mom, dad, and family from Texas. I had no clue that the stands were reserved, but we managed to slip by without being questioned. Once the game had started you hear the roaring sounds of the cheerleaders trying to pump up the crowd. The crowd was out hand cheering for the home team, expecting a huge outcome to the game.…show more content…
Then out of nowhere one of the school’s administration walks up to us with a resource officer to the left of her. I looked at everyone in the stands and they were staring at us like deer in front of the headlights. The administration lady had ordered us to leave the stands because we didn’t have season tickets. What I didn’t know that my mom had bought them for that one game so my family from Texas can enjoy the game. My mom pulled out the tickets and threw them at her and told to go around and ask everyone else to for their tickets because it was very disrespectful and uncalled for, for us to be the only ones to be ordered to

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