Summary Of Raheem's 'Bad Girl'

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Don’t know what to do So I ain’t no good girl tells us about about a young teenager’s love life. I so far very much enjoyed this story but one scene has me a little shaky. It is a very important scene and it helps the story flow but…. It reveals the inner teenage girls love life. Making me shaky because its true no denying that it’s just that it’s sad that its true. Mrs. Flake describes her “Bad girl” going through a scene where she encounters betrayal and unloved feeling brought by her “lover” (boyfriend) Raheem. Our narrator already knows many girls are falling for her “... The cutest boy in school: an amateur boxer with a six packs and honey brown muscles...” Boyfriend and she loves to rub it in their face. That’s what happened that morning…show more content…
Right when the narrator steps on to the bus she looks out the window and sees Raheem kissing another girl. “Oh no you didn’t!” as she “slaps her hand against another girls back, trying to get to front of this thing. But it’s to late the driver won’t stop, even though I’m yelling at the top of my lungs for him to please, please let me off.” “Raheem is all in her face ….. arms wrapped around her neck. His sweet brown lips pressed tight to her’s..” At this moment she just wants to kill them both and she’s so mad but her mother’s words keep coming back “you aint no beauty prize” our narrators tears begin to start “down my cheeks and dripping off my chin.” A question that comes to her mind is “Who am I gonna be without him?” She stops crying and cleans herself up and begins to walk to the back of the bus. She starts thinking “Raheem don’t ever stay gone for too long. Besides, he is cute. Really, really cute. And when you got a man like that you can’t be expecting him all to yourself, not all the time anyhow” When she thought that I was just so surprised that Mrs. Flake included that fact in there. Just because that is really what happens to girls and many other people need to know that. We think that we can’t find anything better and we stay with the same guy no matter what no one is blaming the narrator because

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