Religious Discrimination In Pakistan

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RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION OF CHRISTIANS Glenny and Smallman (2000, 171) remind us that just as we might expect from biblical prophecy, Satan’s opposition to the gospel of Christ continues on vigorously. The writer explores how religious discrimination and tension continue to challenge the Great Commission call this century. Statistics in Mandryk (2010, 25) have shown that most of the areas with unreached people are in the North of Africa, Asia and some parts of the Latin American states. The same areas show that they are the ones which seem to experience more religious discrimination and tension. The discrimination and tension sometimes take a gear up and the violence results into death of some of the Christians. Consider the religious…show more content…
Pakistan has a population of 184.75 million people. Out of that population only 2.5% are Christians and a total of 57.1% of the people are not evangelised. This statistics was taken from Mandryk (2010, 57). Most of the unreached people are found in the North Western area of the country where extreme Islamists have caused a lot of disharmony among the villagers. However, the present constitution of Pakistan provides for freedom of religion to a certain extent but that is not what obtains in reality. The minority religions are discriminated against the major religion of Islam especially Christianity which is referred to as foreign religion from the Western countries. The history behind the Western nations and Asian countries is that the Western countries once colonised the Asian countries especially Britain. Islam and other religions only resurged actively after the British colonial era in Asian…show more content…
Shari’a law is practiced by the extreme Islamists as they discriminate Christians against Muslims. Shari’a law calls for severe punishment to those found practicing Christianity and other minority religions in the country. Depending on the level of the offence committed sometimes the punishment is death for those found breaking the shari’a law. Such an environment is not conducive and safe to witness Christianity openly, especially in the North Western part of Pakistan where shari’a law is the order of the day. However, despite many obstacles faced in witnessing the gospel to people in Pakistan, the church is growing slowly. This is as a result that some of the people come to faith in Jesus often through media such as radio, television as well as dreams and visions and through witness by Pakistan Christians. The writer believes in that the Kingdom of God will grow larger and larger in Pakistan despite severe discrimination being practised against

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