Essay On Islamophobia In America

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Islamophobia in the USA The objective of this essay is to determine how inarguably there has been an increasing focus on Islam and Muslims in western media in a negative representation particularly after 9/11. These terror acts perpetrated by a Muslim minority to symbolize the collective ‘Islamic’ jihad by all Muslims on western forms of freedom and democracy have led to regular negative representations of Muslims and Islam. This has led to Islamophobic attitudes towards Muslims as a homogenous group of people and the manifestation of islamophobia in verbal and physical manner. The definition and history of the term islamophobia can vary, depending on whom you ask. According to oxford dictionaries, islamophobia is dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. Islamophobia is not unique; it is the offspring of ignorance and fear. Prejudice in the United…show more content…
Looking at the American society today, it is noticeably that Muslim women experience collective stigmatization and anti-Islamic stereotypes. This has been done by media portrayals of Muslim women in veil as being subordinate, submissive, oppressed and against and unwilling to conform to common American values such as democracy and freedom and inherently different from the western woman who is ‘free’. This has perpetrated strong disillusionment and antagonism between Muslim women in the USA and non-Muslim American community. Another reason for why the majority of the attacks are against women who wear the headscarves or the full veil is that they are easiest to identify as Muslims. However, people who are not Muslim, who are Sikh, Hindu or look like they could be Muslim are also getting

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