Stereotypes In American Culture

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The Curse of Stereotypes in American Culture Appearance based discrimination is a prominent problem in American culture because people are racist and discriminate based on religion, judging this based on their outward appearance. Though the basis of coming to America was originally religious freedom, Americans now seem to have problems with anyone who is not white and Christian including African, Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Muslim people. Middle Eastern and Muslim people almost always are looked at through the lenses of negative stereotypes in America, often being ignored by white people who consider themselves “superior”. 9/11, a tragic event that occurred in 2001, was the fault of Middle Eastern terrorists, and since then, stereotypes…show more content…
Ms. Marvel, also known as Kamala Khan, battles Dr. Minerva, the Inventor, and prejudiced ideas about Pakistani and Muslim people. With her ability to shapeshift, she starts off in the form of Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers, but quickly learns that she wants to be in her own body. McGlynn, author of "Why Kamala Khan Is The Most Important Superhero In The World" says “This is what makes Kamala Khan so important – she, as a member of several cultural minorities, does not want to lose herself and who and what she represents for the sake of being an idol or superhero, and actively rejects the inherent standards of that world” (McGlynn). Ms. Marvel is not willing to give up herself in order to fit into the world’s pre-set standards of a superhero. Khan is the perfect role model for kids, particularly girls, who are forced to try to hide parts of themselves to fit into white-washed beauty standards, and standards in general. Ms. Marvel is showing these kids that being Pakistani and Muslim is no better than being white and Christian, even if you look different. These kids will (probably) be bullied and given hostile looks in the supermarket, and will want to change who they are to fit into the white society America has created. But now, they have a role model to look up-Ms. Marvel- showing them that they are perfect the way they are. The harmful stereotypes that infect our society remain, but through representation of minorities in entertainment, like comic books, implanted ideas should be slowly getting flushed out of our
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