Logan City Unemployment Analysis

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Figure 30 shows that although the unemployment rate of Logan City has decreased since 2010, it is still much higher than the average rate of the regional and state. Unemployment is one of main factors that affect economic growth and family incomes. It seems like a high level of unemployment rate may inhibit the development of Logan City. Schools in the Logan area should strive to assist student better prepare for the future and increase their employment opportunities. It is worth noting that manufacturing, retail trade and construction are the top three industries that have most positions (See Figure 31). Therefore, trade workers, sales persons and labors are likely to be employed in this region. Apart from employment rate, family income…show more content…
Moreover, due to the fact that the geographic location of the school is within walking distance (around 820 meters) from the Loganlea Railway Station, it could be assumed that students can take a train to the school. Therefore, students who enroll in the School may come from a wide range of suburbs which can be not limited to the four suburbs within in the catchment area as mentioned…show more content…
It is clear that many low SES families in the surrounding area of Loganlea tend to send children to a nearby state school. It is likely that these four state schools may compete for students. In terms of academic achievement, Canterbury College has the highest number of students who pursue tertiary education while Loganlea SHS has the lowest number of tertiary-oriented students (See Figure 37). It implies that as a private school, Canterbury College has many advantages to attract and pick academic students and deliver quality education to support them. As a result, the achievement of Canterbury College outperforms the neighboring schools considerably. The College successfully facilitate a vast majority graduates to the universities or colleges and assist rest of students obtain an offer of a TAFE or a

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