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Tech and Social Media as a tool for mass mobalization Abstract: This paper seeks to explain the role of technology in the context of social media in organizing mass movements and effecting political change through various examples. Firstly I analysed the rise of social media and the roles played by major modes of social media in uprisings. Then we see how social media is employed for campaigning various causes. I have also tried to understand the role of social media in spreading fake news and hate. Then we analyse the misuse of social media platforms by seperatists and terror groups. Finally we explore the future potential of social media and how the misuse of social media can be stopped. Historical Context: Arrival of new technology has always been accompanied by social and political change. The technology provides common people with means to sustain and amplify their voice against the tyranny of unjust. It provides them power to…show more content…
It decreases the cost of participation in terms of time, money commitment and risks. Social media provides a grand stage where every voice is heard. It enables viewer to actively participate in discussion by provding them tools to like, share, post and comment. People feel they are part of decision making process. The concept of groups on Facebook and Whatsapp is similar to the tea shops in India where people come together and talk about everything from politics to sports. The main power of social media lies in the fact that it provides ‘many to many’ communication unlike old forms of media where common person was merely a consumer of the content which was being broadcasted. Now anyone can share their own views in the form of articles or videos. This content is then broadcasted all over the world. These qualities of social media has strengthened the activists throughout the world and has accelerated the process of political

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