What Happened After 9/11 Essay

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After September 11, 2001 everything changed for Muslims, America, and family members who lost someone on that unforgettable day. The World Trade Center was hit by two of the planes, the Pentagon was hit by the third plane, and the fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The terrorist attackers were Islamic from Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations. On that day more than three thousand people died. Airports are now more cautious of checking bags and people to see if they hold anything within or on them. Muslims are seen as suspicious when walking around an airport. Most people in the United States have sort of a mindset of all Muslims being terrorists. Americans don’t just see some of them but all of them as terrorists. On September 11 a terrorist attack happened because of this Muslims are seen as terrorists, suspicious…show more content…
She says the Delta staff didn’t do anything to come to her defense. She was on the flight with her husband and kids on the way to Detroit. The harassment started after a passenger on the flight yelled out, “This is America!” Her kids were hurt to hear what was being said to their mother. “Hider started wearing the hijab about two years ago. Many women in her family choose not to wear the headscarf, and Hider says her husband never forced it on her. But when she began wearing it, she said, she felt an overwhelming sense of peace.” Instead of something being done against the islamophobia they were moved to the back of the plane. Her brother, Abed Ayoub who is the legal and policy director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, made sure Delta airlines was informed of what had happened on the flight. Passengers on the flight showed their support towards Darlene. "The unity I felt on the airplane was just overwhelming. So many people were consoling me. People were very gentle and nice to me and my husband. This is America. That's the American response,” says

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