Muslims In America After 9/11 Essay

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Ever since September 11, 2001, Muslims in America have been depicted negatively and are being verbally abused by cynics through mass media. Following r the tragic incident at the World Trade Center in 2001, Islamophobia was expected. The entire nation of America felt insecure, and, as a result the government made new policy decisions partly due to the fear of American people who were worried about the ‘existential threat’ of Al- Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. For example security measures at airports were heightened greatly since 9/11. Prior to this catastrophic event, security scanners were unable to detect certain threats. Thus, the government appealed to the average American to become increasingly alert to suspicious situations especially concerning airline travel. As a result, due to the diligence of a passenger on an American Airlines flight going to Miami another catastrophe was averted when a man observed the strange behavior of Richard Reid, better known as the shoe bomber. Because of the Richard Reid incident, Americans must now remove their shoes, which further delays airport security checks. Additionally, all passengers are now subjected to scrutiny in a scanning…show more content…
According to news reports and articles, the teacher thought it was a bomb and called the police, but there are things to that story that do not make sense. Why didn’t they evacuate the school like you do when there’s a bomb? Why wasn’t a bomb squad called? Why didn’t they try to get the students as far away from the “threat”? Why did they put the “bomb” in the police car? The original stories were that the teacher thought it was a “bomb”, however, the elements of the story were altered when it was stated that the teacher thought it was simply a “hoax”. Is our society going to extreme measures and not exercising good judgment? Was this student accused of a crime because of his religious

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