Just Walk On By Brent Staples Summary

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Whenever people hear the word Muslim, the first thing that came in their mind are Terrorism, bombs, Taliban, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Osama-bi- laden. Same as when people see a black guy, the first thoughts that came in their mind are thug, mugger, rapist or drug dealer . These are some of the unsubstantiated assumption that people usually made just by look or thinking about others. Overall, unsubstantiated assumptions and stereotype thoughts about anyone can be prejudicial for anybody. In his essay “Just Walk on By”, Staples talks about the racism, stereotype, and prejudice endured during his time as a young black man. He describes how people amend around you in so awful manners that you will embarrassed, frighten and shocked all at once. He express how he changed everything about himself because he wouldn't want to be a part of another stereotype; however, after all we been through, one cannot deny from the fact that racism does persist in the modern…show more content…
The Muslim woman was trying to get something from Deli, but the clerk discriminate her in front of every customers. Quiñones, host of the show, explain they never have seen experience so polarize, from a satisfaction for a prejudice to an emphatic, refusal. They express two different America's; however, both believe they are patriotic. At the end of the day, thirteen people stood up for Muslim women while six sided for the clerk. In another experiment, Quiñones put the Muslim guys as the Middle East clerk and the other guy as racist customer who was trying to racist provoking the Middle East victim in front of customers. This time, all the people stood up for Middle East victim except for one customer, who explains these Muslims blended with the communities and learn what they need to learn and then they strike on

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