Disadvantages Of Human Trafficking

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Trafficking, by definition, is an illegal commercial trade in human beings for the purpose of exploiting them (Orozco, 2014). This phenomenon has done lot of harm to people by taking away opportunities, happiness, and even lives. Human trafficking is the epitome of the word violence; this takes place when traffickers use their strength to hurt someone else on purpose, not by accident. Men, women and children are subjected to forced labor where they suffer to physical violence and sexual abuse (Dacanay,2013). Also, women are even more likely to befall human trafficking victimization, which involves domestic service (Orozco, 2014). To sum up, a man becomes the object of manipulation or the object of someone’s ownership like a thing. According…show more content…
The traffickers aimed this by using threat, force or other forms of coercion, abuse to the position of vulnerability in form of having control over another person. The first stage is recruitment which involves fraud. This stage is the first link in the chain of trafficking wherein the victims believe in false promises and hopes of the recruiters without knowing the terms and conditions. As a result, the victim would be working completely different from what was expected. Transportation is the next stage which involves the moving of trafficked people from one place to another. Victims are often subjected to physical and sexual abuse on the way to their destination but some are often resold at the time of transportation. Sometimes, traffickers will pay for the travel costs and this would be paid off by them working on it, thus forcing people into prostitution. Lastly, the one that represents the main purpose of the trafficking is the exploitation. This includes sexual exploitation, slave labor, for the profession of beggary, force marriage, force adaption, and removal of organs that will made the victims life completely taken away and get suffer by all of this (“Human Trafficking Research

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