Prevention Solutions To Human Trafficking

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Contrastly, prevention solutions do help to stop traffickers. Prevention such as ending world poverty, lessen or even rule out easy victims as you are lessening the number of vulnerable people and are therefore making it hard for a trafficker as there are less accessible victims to traffic. Starting at the main root cause of human trafficking, which is poverty has a positive impact on the vulnerable and desperate as they no longer care so much about money and the distorted values that they may have had due to their attitude of money are no longer prevalent. In turn, this will impact on human trafficking as a whole as you lessen the number of people who are desperate for money, which minimises the frequency of people being tricked into human…show more content…
One way that they do this is through women’s education. This impacts on families, communities and even countries as it helps achieve long-term solutions like helping families out of poverty, and they're making them less vulnerable and therefore less susceptible to trafficking. A disadvantage of prevention strategies like ending world poverty is that they are not short-term solutions as they are not quickly achieved, especially as a lot of research and time goes has to go into this solution even before they have truly started. Similarly, these solutions are expensive due to the fact that they are global issues and in order to achieve ending world poverty, it needs to be done everywhere, not just in one or two places in the world. Therefore because of this, the solution is not enforced quickly and many victims are still at risk during the time that it takes to end poverty. Also, there may still be vulnerable people who are targets of traffickers who are not vulnerable because of poverty, such as previous victims who did not integrate well back into society or trafficking by gangs, such as…show more content…
It is through the partnership of different organisations and people that every cause of human trafficking is covered and the weaknesses in different solutions are covered. An impact of the relationships created between two or more organisations from partnerships is that it allows for better protection of victims, through them working together and sharing information. Similarly, more traffickers will be prosecuted as both organisations have information that they otherwise might not have had. Also, many organisation have a specific area in which they choose to focus on. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, focuses on prevention in ending world poverty as the root of human trafficking, whereas Free The Girls focuses on protection of victims in reintegrating victims of human trafficking back into society. Although both these organisation are successful in their chosen areas, they both lack results in the other areas of human trafficking. However, through sharing ideas, these organisation can solve these problems and put their strengths together. For instance, if The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with Free the Girls, then the victims would be protected and eventually, fewer victims would need protecting as world poverty ends and there are less vulnerable people. Similarly, the partnership would mean that while

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